Manager - Corporate Finance

I was a relationship manager in the banking sector for a number of years: I’d seen Grant Thornton involved in quite a few transactions and liked how they did things. So I met with the Partner in Charge in Belfast, loved the sound of the firm and was offered a position.

On the day I joined I had to prepare a due diligence report – pretty daunting given my experience was reading them, not writing them! To make it even more challenging, the majority of the information was in Danish. I was able to get really involved from day 1 – and I got great support and advice from the Corporate Finance team.

I have to say this has been my best career experiences to date. The different people and types of companies I have worked with so far have really made me feel like my opinion is valued.

It’s not just about the work. For instance, I am a keen rugby player and was fortunate to play for Ireland at under age level. Since joining the firm, I’ve had the chance to play in the five-a-side league. This is such a great way to get to know my new colleagues.

The firm is experiencing major growth. Despite new people joining the firm all the time, the close-knit team mentality is still very clear to see. I think the fact that you are made to feel at home so quickly is testament to that.