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In an industry that never stands still, you need advisors who can adapt

For the media and entertainment industry business models are ever changing, mergers and acquisitions are increasing and new outfits are springing from established businesses. The sector continues to evolve, and you need quick responsive advice, a strong network and a dedicated team of specialists to gain a competitive advantage.

Our team advise individuals and businesses across the entire media and entertainment industry, including producers, cast and crew, post production houses, financiers and distributors. Since 2005, our team has raised over €500m across 200 film projects. With over 70% market share, we have unrivalled experience in advising our clients on how to grow and expand their businesses through our extensive network both domestically and internationally.

Our solutions:

  • film & TV project financing (including cash-flow lending);
  • film & TV tax credit claims (UK and Ireland);
  • audit and accounts preparation;
  • remuneration strategies;
  • post production accountancy services;
  • strategic business advisory services;
  • tax compliance and industry specific advisory;
  • international tax and withholding tax planning;
  • retirement and pension planning;
  • royalty audits;
  • VAT advice and exemption planning;
  • company secretarial services including company formation and compliance;
  • management of day-to-day financial affairs; and
  • payroll services, advice and outsourcing/book-keeping.

To learn more about our Media and Entertainment services please contact John Gleeson, Head of Media and Entertainment.