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Preparing for a no-deal Brexit - Supply chain

Elaine Daly Elaine Daly

The island of Ireland currently has a high level of dependency on complex all-island supply chains. From direct export of Irish produce to the UK market, to the interconnectedness of supply chains on the island of Ireland via procurement of raw materials from UK manufacturers and producers, it is clear that a No-Deal Brexit presents serious challenges and threats to Irish businesses both North and South of the border. Some areas for consideration when determining your business’s Brexit readiness are:

  • Is your business prepared for the additional customs procedures that will become a requirement when exporting from the UK to EU (or vice-versa) to the UK in the event of a No-Deal?
  • Does your business understand the impact a No-Deal scenario may have on your end-to-end supply chain, inclusive of, maintaining lead times and order fulfilment?
  • Have you explored alternative solutions that could mitigate the impact a No-Deal Brexit may have on your business?

While the outcome of Brexit is uncertain, we at Grant Thornton can assist you in understanding your business, the market it operates in and the challenges it may face under a No-Deal scenario and support you in developing strategies to mitigate those challenges. Our supply chain team of experts can support you by:

  • Mapping your supply chain so that you can fully understand the key touchpoints that may be vulnerable under a No-Deal scenario.
  • Providing a hotspot analysis of the pain points a No-Deal Brexit will have on your key business areas.

Identifying and implementing alternative solutions to mitigate the impact a No-Deal Brexit could have on your business.