Food and Beverage: Helping clients achieve success

Charlie Kerlin Charlie Kerlin

Grant Thornton has a long established food and beverage team with years of
experience in the industry. From a growing business to an international organisation, trust underpins the client-advisor relationship. Our clients have confidence in the depth of our experience and expertise.

How we help our clients

Growth strategies
Most Food and Beverage businesses hope to grow via organic expansion or acquisition. Organisations can face difficulty in making key investment decisions, designed to maximise the return on limited resources. Does your company have internal expertise to identify M&A opportunities? For growth, are you able to secure appropriate financing and grant support?

Consumers want new products, improved quality and value for money. Retailers want the goods that pull consumers into stores and move products off their shelves. Investing in research and development has become key to Food and Beverage companies and is a core business cost to manage. Leading edge IT and social media are key in marketing to individuals. Are you leveraging supplier relationships to enhance new product development expertise, as well as technological and operational performance?

Process improvements and cost reductions
Rising commodity costs cannot always be offset by price increases to consumers; ongoing process improvements and cost controls are vital to maintaining margins. Comprehensively reviewing cost structures across your supply chain and knowing the cost of all production lines can ensure effective future planning. Does your organisation have the resources and expertise to evaluate process efficiency improvements?

Country-specific changes
Global trends will affect individual businesses in unique ways, challenging executives to stay abreast of changes that impact their bottom lines. Does your company track global trends and then implement best practices and successful strategies to fuel growth?

Customer relations
Concentrated power among large retailers is here to stay. But executives are developing plans, such as diversifying their customer bases or strengthening their core offerings with strategic acquisitions, which give them options when retailers become uncompromising. Are you confident that your organisation is getting the highest possible margins from its products and existing customer base?

Government regulations and programmes
Food and Beverage organisations face increasingly complex sets of regulations around the world. There are many government grant and incentive programmes available that can help support growth. Does your organisation have the ability to monitor, measure and document compliance at home and abroad?

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