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The Northern Ireland jobs market remains exceptionally competitive, as borne out in the most recent official statistics.
Neil Hughes
| 4 min read |
With tight labour market conditions expected to continue, a dwindling pool of available labour is expected to be a significant barrier to economic growth across Ireland over the coming years.
Patrick Gallen
| 2 min read |
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) describes performance management simply as “the attempt to maximise the value that employees create”, helping to maintain and improve the performance of staff to align with organisational objectives.
Patrick Gallen
| 4 min read |
Risk, Compliance and Professional Standards FRED 82 – Periodic Updates to FRS 100 – 105
The concept of a new suite of standards for the UK and Ireland, aligning with international financial reporting standards, was first conceived in 2002
Maeve Hunt
| 5 min read |
The Upper Tribunal has found in the case of Hotel la Tour, that VAT incurred on professional fees associated with selling a subsidiary to a UK buyer is recoverable. This decision upholds the previous findings of the First Tier Tribunal.
Aidan Lyons
| 2 min read |

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