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Belfast Telegraph Article What would Labour do?
What would Labour do?
Alan Gourley
| 5 min read |
The main goal of successful workforce planning is having the right talent in the right roles at the right time. However, many organisations fail to pay enough attention to their talent pipelines and succession practices, which can lead to excessive turnover and loss of knowledge, affecting the performance and success of the organisation.
Patrick Gallen
| 3 min read |
In the single biggest change to the role of the UK Registrar of Companies since it was created in 1844
Maeve Hunt
| 4 min read |
What a month it has been. From being hailed as the most exciting economic zone in the world and having presidential visitors tell us of our amazing potential (which is true) to the stark realities of a budget set by the Secretary of State that raises serious concern about the mess our public services are in.
Andrew Webb
| 4 min read |
What will be hot in L&D going into the future? – This is the one obligatory question posed every year by Donald H. Taylor in the annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the survey and it also appears to mark a transitional year for learning and development worldwide.
Patrick Gallen
| 3 min read |

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