People are a fundamental part of every business and it is essential to ensure that a workforce is engaged and motivated.

Our team specialises in remuneration and incentive planning and works closely with employers, shareholders and employees to ensure business strategies are aligned and goals achieved in the most tax efficient, cost-effective manner.

Workforces in Northern Ireland are evolving, becoming increasingly globally mobile and offering more flexible working conditions. Many employees no longer work in one location and business travel is now a common aspect of many roles. This is particularly the case for businesses operating both sides of the border. It is important that employers understand and comply with their tax and national insurance obligations in this changing environment.

Our services

Reduce risk of non-compliance and identify cost savings.

P11D preparation, PAYE Settlement Agreements (PSAs), Employement Related Securities reporting.

Managing risks and costs associated with globally mobile employees.

Design and implementation of employee share arrangements.

Why Grant Thornton

We can offer assistance and advice for employers, ranging from employment tax compliance reviews to implementing bespoke global mobility strategies. Our aim is to work closely with employers through each stage of their business lifecycle and ensure that each decision is made in a tax efficient and compliant way.