When companies are failing, the options are to restructure and implement a turnaround strategy or, if necessary, to wind it down.

For individuals, we can provide trustworthy support, advice and debt solutions to help you get back in control of your finances.

We work with a wide variety of clients and stakeholders such as high street banks, private equity funds, directors, government agencies and creditors.

Why choose Grant Thornton?

Our team of over 100 professionals across the island of Ireland is the leading provider of insolvency and corporate recovery solutions. We know that every situation is different and we have a team with specialist knowledge in numerous areas to ensure you get the right advice for your situation. Through our international network we are supported by over 50 member firms who deal directly with restructuring assignments.

Director Gareth Latimer


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Our solutions

General advisory services

Our team can assist you across a range of services which do not involve a formal insolvency process. These can include assistance with restructuring your business to facilitate future growth or other services as listed below:

  • operational and financial restructuring;
  • pre-insolvency planning;
  • dormant company strike-off; and
  • creditor representation services.


Sometimes the situation may be more critical, necessitating the use of a formal insolvency process to deal with corporate or personal debt. We have licensed Insolvency Practitioners who can act as office holders in the following processes:

  • administration;
  • administrative receivership;
  • company voluntary arrangement;
  • creditors’ voluntary liquidation;
  • compulsory liquidation;
  • fixed charge receivership;
  • members’ voluntary liquidation; and
  • bankruptcy.

To learn more about our restructuring services please contact Gareth Latimer.