New technologies can mean great things for your business, but they can also increase the size and complexity of online security threats that you face.

As Northern Irish businesses seek to provide more efficient service to their customers or gain more meaningful insights into their behaviour, they are collecting and storing more and more information. This information is a valuable commodity and as such is targeted by malicious individuals and organisations. Protecting information and I.T. systems from attack is now a board level issue.

Recent Grant Thornton research has quantified for the first time the impact of Cyber crime on the Northern Ireland economy. The annual cost to the Northern Ireland economy is estimated to be £98.71m, compared to a cost of £451.76m to the Irish economy as a whole and £173,214m globally. Clearly Cyber crime has the potential to impact any Northern Irish organisation and organisations must respond effectively to the threat.

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Cyber Security Services

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Why choose Grant Thornton?

You know you need to adopt up-to-date Cyber security practices and technologies but also develop an effective security culture to protect your organisation’s interests and reputation, but you don’t have the experience or time to actively manage these practises.

Grant Thornton offers private and public sector organisations an all-island, one stop shop, from Cyber crime incident response to Cyber security assessment and improvement services.

By having an experienced advisor on your side will give you and your organisation:

  • peace of mind - knowledge that your corporate and customer data is appropriately protected against internal and external threats meeting customer, shareholder and regulator expectations;
  • clear value for money - is your spending on Cyber security appropriate? Are you spending on the right things? A benchmark security standard will let you know your level of vulnerability and your organisation’s capacity to deal with evolving Cyber security threats; and
  • enhanced ability to react - if you have a data breach, you need a rapid recovery process to demonstrate to shareholders, customers and regulators that lessons have been learnt and mitigating actions implemented.

To learn more about our Cyber Security services please contact Mike Harris.