What are professional services?

Professional services firms differ from other businesses in that we don’t produce goods; we produce ideas and solutions. When organisations encounter a problem requiring external advice, skills or expertise, they call Grant Thornton to deliver a customised, knowledge-based solution. In other words, we use the knowledge and experience of our people to help other organisations thrive.

What does that mean for you and your career?

As a member of the Grant Thornton community, you’ll be building the future - not a product. People—and their ideas—are our greatest asset, and you’ll work alongside some of the most respected subject-matter experts in the world as they develop fresh solutions for various clients with wide-ranging challenges. You’ll receive hands-on coaching and training from the most effective professionals in the market, and you’ll acquire valuable knowledge from talented individuals with diverse professional backgrounds and perspectives.

Why Grant Thornton

Our Early Careers Programmes offer you a real opportunity for diverse work experiences. From day one, you’ll be placed at the heart of client projects. You’ll build connections worldwide, working with organisations operating in various sectors, industries and geographies.

You’ll also be able to tap into Grant Thornton’s international network, gaining exposure to subject-matter experts and deep pools of professional knowledge from around the globe.

We empower our people with the autonomy to make decisions and generate impact. Our flexible and innovative approach to business fosters an entrepreneurial spirit that inspires our people to take initiative, offer new perspectives and leave a lasting effect on our clients and our firm.

We empower growth with personalised learning paths, offering training and development programmes, supportive mentorships and more – all of which will accelerate you towards leadership and beyond.

People come to Grant Thornton for various reasons, but the people are often at the top of the list. Our people are key to everything we do - they set us apart from our competitors. Our employees aren't just the cogs in a machine; they're the heartbeat of our company, and their enthusiasm fuels our success. We want our people to be excited to come to work. That’s why fun is one of our five core values. 

You’ll experience a culture of camaraderie and mutual support and be part of an inclusive, diverse team that values everyone’s contributions. We believe that an open, respectful environment encourages bold ideas that benefit our colleagues, clients and communities. 

Our interest isn’t limited to graduates with a business background. We hire from various disciplines, including computer science, STEM majors and more. If you're on track to get a minimum 2.1 and have strong IT skills, we want to hear from you. You provide the ambition; we’ll provide the real opportunity and experience.