Learning and development is embedded in every level of Grant Thornton and links directly to our Vision, Strategy & Values.

Our firm’s strategy, Empower 2023 identifies the People & Culture pillar as key and has a specific focus on strategy alignment & acceleration, career paths and development & retention. We have created a process for mapping growth to leadership competencies and through specific programmes explore everything from problem-solving and decision-making styles to emotional intelligence using self-awareness tools such as 360-degree assessments, psychometrics and feedback. Grant Thornton has a comprehensive competency framework that was developed to align role level to strategic growth of the firm. All of our learning programmes targets specific competencies and continually focus participants on developing the NEXT level of competence.

Alongside these initiatives there is an extraordinary focus on continuous professional development that ensures are employees receive all the support and content that enables them to advance their technical knowledge within their specified area of expertise. 

This is all strengthened by the use of Workday Learning that allows employees to navigate their career path with tailored real time digital learning that supports their technical and personal development to help empower them to achieve their own and our client ambitions.