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Helping clients to prepare for the new world of work

A new context

We are supporting a number of clients across public and private sectors to navigate the challenges and opportunities that hybrid models of working can bring. From helping to define blended working strategies, to delivering action research projects, to developing the effectiveness of remote working teams, we leverage our significant experience in this area to help prepare your people for making hybrid work for them and each organisations’ unique context.

We know that to be successful in the future, organisations need to embrace the fact that a behavioural change is needed. It’s been a long 18-months for workers across the world, and remote working will have embedded certain working practices in peoples’ mind-sets and habit-sets. Some of those habits may be working well, while others would benefit from a refresh. Often people fear change, so when hybrid working is being considered we must support people beyond the simple communication of new guidelines and standards; instead we need to consider the changes in behaviour that are needed, aligning these to the core values and leadership of each organisation.

Unlike in the early days of the pandemic, when most organisations did not have time to prepare their staff for remote working, now is the perfect time to help staff prepare for new working practices in this new context – the blended or hybrid environment. We know hybrid is coming, so now is the time to design support to help make it a success.