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Grant Thornton introduces new family-friendly policies in a move to reflect diverse employee family needs

Removal of service requirement for fully paid maternity leave

Five days leave now available to employees at critical times in fertility treatment cycle

Compassionate leave introduced for employees facing loss of pregnancy

Grant Thornton has announced a suite of new measures to support employees with paid time off as they begin their journey to building or growing their families, reflecting the various life goals and the routes that many people take to achieve them. The move comes as Grant Thornton continues to progress with a wide-reaching wellbeing and diversity programme. The programme includes ongoing engagements with employees, where the firm identified a desire to build on existing supports available – ensuring everyone has the opportunity to begin the journey to growing their family with the right supports, at a time that works for them. The move strengthens the existing maternity, paternity, and adoptive leave policies already in place while introducing compassionate, fertility and surrogacy leave policies.

Grant Thornton has increased its maternity benefit to 26 weeks of full pay and removed the service requirement, meaning all full and part-time employees will have access to this benefit from the moment they commence employment. This will also be reflected in both the firm’s adoptive and paternity leave policies.

In recognising that the road to growing a family comes in many forms, those employees undergoing fertility treatment will now have access to five days of fully paid leave, supporting them during what can often be a stressful and emotional time.

The loss of pregnancy at any stage in life is devastating and therefore, Grant Thornton has expanded its compassionate leave for employees during this difficult time. Individuals and partners who are faced with the loss of pregnancy are now eligible for up to 20 days of fully paid leave.

Speaking of the new policies, Richard Gillan, Managing Partner of Grant Thornton in Northern Ireland, said,

“In an era where the family journey can look different for everyone, it is of paramount importance that employers take action in recognising this and supporting their employees throughout the various stages – and of course, compassion must form the foundation of this support. At Grant Thornton, we are committed to nurturing and supporting our talent, ‘having their back’ when they need it most.”   

The family-friendly policies are part of a continuous development of the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy and practices. In addition to the updating of these policies, the firm has also recently signed AsIAm’s pledge to provide an autism-friendly workplace, reaffirming the support of those who are autistic and neurodiverse.

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