Change lanes. Make waves.

As part of my Accounting and Finance degree, I did an 8 week Summer Internship with Grant Thornton. During my internship, I was offered a place on the grad programme depending on my results. Having received a first class honours in my final exams, I joined the Tax Team the following November!

The role you start out in isn't the only role you'll ever work in. Not only can you progress up the ladder to management, there's great opportunities to change teams and projects within your department. Since joining the firm, I've had the opportunity to work across personal tax as well as financial planning and strategy for corporations.

Recently, I was put forward to work with the Tax Technology team. In this role, I've gotten to work on the digitisation of processes. This is an area I've great interest in and being hands-on with this process and showing people how it works is great. I really enjoy the training and development side of Tax but the main stand out for me is the exposure you get from working with clients. I've learned a lot about different industries and sectors from the jobs I've been working on. It means I get the feeling of industry work but from a corporate perspective.  

We're also offered the chance to go out on secondment which allows us to experience other firms and roles, while still working for Grant Thornton. It's great! It means that you can really find the best speciality for you and make sure you're doing the right thing.

I've been here for two years now and I love that Grant Thornton truly live their values. Everything they say they are is true! It's a really laid back firm and has a much a more relaxed atmosphere than others. The people here make the difference and the social events really encourage you to interact and build relationships across the firm.

The grad programme is a great way to find out the best career path for you. I've had so many opportunities to carve out the best future for me and I look forward to seeing where my journey continues to take me.  

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