Change the path. Make your own.


When your days are all the same, nobody wins. That's why we have The Academy. The Academy is gives you regular business training that empowers you to develop the skills you want, at your own pace. As part of The Academy, you'll get exam support including tutorials and practice exams. Not to mention study leave and first pass bonuses. We're going beyond to give you everything you need to get the results you want.

We've created a well-rounded induction programme, so you can dive right in the deep end and get stuck in. And with our buddy system, you'll always have someone you can turn to who knows the ropes. They'll be delighted to give you sound advice and feedback.

You're in the driving seat of your career when you work with us. You'll have loads of chances to develop your skills through relevant work experience that puts theory into practice. Our unique Trainee Progression System lays out all your important milestones, so you can hit them all. And we reward you when you do.

Change the basic. Make it premium.


  • Graduation day off
  • Enhanced study leave
  • Paid professional subscriptions
  • Enrolment in The Academy
  • Secondment opportunities
  • Exam placement bonus
  • Bonus if you pass your exams first time


  • Life assurance scheme
  • Employee discounts


  • Travel ticket scheme
  • Funded sports and social events
  • Bank at work
  • Condensed work week - 3pm Friday finish in June, July and August
  • Flexible working policy


  • An allowance towards private health insurance
  • Yearly flu jab
  • Employee assistance scheme
  • Fresh fruit in the office every day
  • Bike to work scheme
  • Pay day breakfast
  • Be Well Programme

Applications for the 2023 Grad Programme have now closed. Applications for our Summer Intern Programme open in January 2023.