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Brexit advisory

Every organisation will be impacted by Brexit

While the outcome remains unclear, those who can navigate through the noise and ambiguity will outperform the competition.

We know organisations are at different stages in their preparation for this big change. 

Wherever you are in your planning, our experts have in depth knowledge of the potential outcomes and can support your business at any point.

Brexit room – protecting and creating value

Brexit is uncertain, you don’t need to be.

Our Brexit workshop is an interactive half-day workshop designed to challenge your existing thinking and create practical tailored plans for any eventuality.

Drawing on political insights, professional service expertise and a wealth of client experience we will help you:

model potential scenarios – considering both political, regulatory and economic change;

undertake a ‘hotspot’ analysis – examining the business impact of each potential scenario through our nine organisational lenses;

identify ‘no-regrets’ decisions – agreeing actions to undertake now regardless of the Brexit outcome; and

build a contingency planning roadmap – future steps to take and the triggers for these.

A facilitator will guide you through your session, helping you to clarify, rationalise and prioritise the actions for your organisation.

You will leave with a report that summarises the conclusions reached and documents your action plan and hot spot analysis produced during the session.

Book a Brexit workshop

To book a Brexit workshop or find out more about how we can support your business through Brexit, please contact your usual adviser or email us.


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