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Food to go - June 2019

Charlie Kerlin Charlie Kerlin

Food and Beverage M&A deals becoming more International

Grant Thornton’s latest Food and Beverage Insights highlighted the increased level of cross border deals for UK and Ireland sellers and acquirers. In 2018, 40% of food and beverage transactions in UK and Ireland had overseas buyers. Undoubtedly “Brexit proofing” and the relative weakness of sterling, making UK assets more affordable, will have impacted international deal activity. This trend has been replicated locally, reinforcing the need to have an international network to identify buyers and maximise value.

Balmoral Panellists chew over the Food Industry

The curtain is now drawn on another successful Balmoral Show. The annual Ulster Bank lunch raised lots of opportunities and challenges for our local industry operating in an increasing global and more uncertain world. The Panellists from Keelings, ABP and Ulster Bank covered a range of pertinent issues including consumer trends, innovation, and the thorny issues of farm profitability and succession amongst others. The call came out once again for the urgent need for a new marketing board for Northern Ireland to help maximise the prospect of growing our local sector especially in the light of Brexit. Northern Ireland was compared to our near neighbours in the Republic of Ireland who have been funding initiatives to support international marketing for years. Work yet to be done locally!

Focus on Sustainability – Leading Supermarket first mover on Plastic

Increasingly consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of the environment. Programmes like BBC’s Blue Planet series has highlight the global problem of plastic. The Food and Beverage industry is at the forefront of these issues with an increased focus on sustainability and reducing waste. In June, Sainsbury became the first supermarket to get rid of plastic in its fresh produce and bakery departments. Expect even more initiatives from the sector in a bid to change consumer behaviours.