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How can you keep your business cyber-secure?

Paul Jacobs Paul Jacobs

Act now, before it’s too late

Many of the perpetrators of cyber-attacks are sophisticated, heavily resourced criminal organisations. They can strike without warning and sometimes without the victim being
immediately aware that they are under attack.

But it’s not just the cyber criminals that organisations need to worry about. As more and more high-profile hacks make headlines, customers are increasingly aware of their
vulnerability online. Client/customer demand for better online protection is the number one factor that is driving businesses to implement cyber-security strategies. And if
those strategies fail, customers will simply go elsewhere.

Unfortunately, just 52% of businesses globally currently have a cyber-security policy in place. This, in our view, is still too small a percentage.

In this paper, based on the insights from Grant Thornton cyber specialists from around the world, we explore the motivations and tactics of cyber-attackers. We also consider
what organisations need to do to put effective defences in place around the three pillars of people, process and technology.

Vigilance alone won’t keep organisations safe; proactive measures are needed. This is an issue that needs to dominate the agenda of boardrooms, IT departments and all staff, before it’s too late.