Thinking of selling your business? - Are you 'sale ready'?

Richard Gillan
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For businesses having gone through the roller coaster of emotions over the last 18 months, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Many organisations are coming out of the recovery phase on a stronger footing, with more streamlined operations. Recent statistics from Bank of England indicate positive liquidity, with net cash holdings across UK corporates as at the end of May 21 at £109bn (up £89bn from March 2020 at the start of the UK’s first lockdown).

Locally in Northern Ireland, M&A activity at the end of H1 2021 was up by around 17% on the 83 deals announced during the same period the previous year. Overall, investor appetite is on the rise with premium assets attracting higher valuations; particularly in the technology and healthcare sectors.

Despite the economic shock of the Pandemic, analyses of past crises have shown that there is still potential for further value creation through M&A and for many business owners now might be the right time, both commercially and personally to start gearing up for sale.

Whilst the sale process and the various stages in bringing a business to market has its own nuances and complexities, it is arguably the ‘commercial readiness’ piece where the greatest value can be achieved, which is naturally the ultimate goal for any owner.

For more information, please see our full publication where we have outlined the five key areas a business owner should consider in advance of any sale.

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